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At India Infosoft, we understand that a new solution delivers value only if it can seamlessly and successfully bridge legacy systems and future innovations. A solid architecture determines the application's overall performance, stability and maintainability—which are critical when you are relying on an application to enhance overall business performance.

Based on a consistent framework consisting of more than 100 reusable components, the IIS Delivery Architectures are comprehensive to support a number of architectures. Its framework and pre-built components simplify and reduce the efforts of solution development for all types of architectures: batch, portal or Service-oriented Architectures.

The IIS Delivery Suite provides a standard framework for building and delivering reliable solutions and services quickly and collaboratively, industrializing delivery to support the journey to high performance.

As leading organizations improve and standardize their information technology and business processes to maximize productivity, they want service providers that follow proven approaches that will lead to consistent, predictable and reliable solution and service delivery.

Whether the work is done locally, regionally or in global delivery centers around the world, the IIS Delivery Suite provides the common language of methods, tools, architectures and metrics to ensure that our multidisciplinary teams of professionals can work together efficiently. In this way, clients can harness the power of IIS's global knowledge and experience to achieve high performance.

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