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Real Estate CRM
India InfoSoft's Telecalling CRM/Real Estate CRM is a software to Manage and Enhance your Real Estate Business.Software is very useful for Real Estate Developers, Builders , Real Estate Consultant, and Real Estate Agents to Manage their Telecalling, Sales and Revenues.

Telecalling CRM will able you to manage your Team and you can Track your Team's working by Using this Telecalling CRM/Real Estate CRM.

Here are Modules which have been Covered In the CRM:
  • Lead Management
  • Employee Management
  • Client Management
  • Telecalling Management
  • Calling Database Management
  • Sales Management
  • Follow UP Management
  • Revenue Leak

Benefits of Telecalling/Real Estate CRM.

  • Track your team through a single Computer or Mobile Phone.
  • Save your calling Database from being stolen
  • Minimize the Expenses by not Using Print Out for calling Database
  • Minimize your man power and Office Expenses by Using this easy to use CRM.
  • You can manage profile of your Employees.
  • You can track your team's Daily
  • You can Interact with your client by using Easy to use Message and email Module.

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